Friday, August 14, 2020

US Air Force's 21st Special Operations Squadron conducts flight ops aboard US Navy amphibious assault ship USS America

Ya know when you start emphasizing long range amphibious raids from the sea it would only be natural that the organization that has now built itself about being all raids all the time would pile in.

Seeing SOCOM piling aboard amphibious ships doesn't surprise me.  This is their thing.

I can see a future where an entire LHA is dedicated to SOCOM for special ops missions.  Possibly even an entire amphibious ready group.

By listening to the naysayers the Missile Marine's have ensured its own demise.

What comes next will shock the system.  By destroying a real deal Air-Ground Combat Team we'll see the US Army piling on too.  Expect to see Army tanks, artillery and missiles become part of future packages.  Expect to see Marines displaced by Soldiers on some floats because of the emphasis on the Pacific.

A Middle East bound Amphibious Ready Group?  Let's call it an Army Strike Brigade Expeditionary Unit (ASBEU).

Many applaud Berger.  All I see is doom.

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