Monday, September 07, 2020

Chinese HQ-16 Anti-Air Missiles.

We're in the same position we put the Soviets in...just on the wrong side of the equation.

For the last two decades we were focused on the Middle East.  For the last four years we were focused on Russia.

Now the Pentagon tells us the Chinese are the threat but our consumers still feed that beast and apparently they own not only our politicians but industry as well as our universities and even hollywood.

We're fucked.

I really don't know how we win. 

Our military is soft (wrecked with political correctness).  Our nation is decadent.  Our morals non-existent.

We lack the will to do the hard thing.

I just can't see how we can beat them.

The only real solution is to go nuclear.  They attack Japan?  We go nuclear.  They attack Taiwan?  We go nuclear.  They're told ahead of time that any conventional attack against designated allies will result in nuclear war.

So what happens when they expand in other places like Africa, the Middle East and parts of Asia?

We don't like it.  We don't agree with it.  But we accept it.  As things stand now we're not setup to stop them.

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