Wednesday, September 09, 2020

Confirmation that the LAV-25 is dead as is LAR as we know it...

via National Defense Magazine.
Another platform that may not last much longer as the Marine Corps transforms is the eight-wheel light armored vehicle, LAV-25, which is used for reconnaissance and was first fielded in the 1980s.

“They’re not strictly looking for a new vehicle that looks like an LAV,” said Cross. The so-called advanced reconnaissance vehicle is not a program of record and not currently in PEO land systems’ portfolio, but he would say that the Marine Corps is looking at how it wants to replace the capability. It won’t necessarily be a straight-up replacement vehicle.

“The Marine Corps is very much in that phase of understanding what’s out there, where the state of the technology is and then providing [leadership] with what the requirements seem to be,” said Cross.

The LAV-25 replacement could be a “family of systems” and might have a mix of manned or unmanned vehicles, he said.
Like a few old friends from Down Under told me.  Believe your lying eyes.  Replace hope with facts.  Never appeal to authority.

Anyone that thinks that a new 8x8 is in the offering to replace the LAV is lying to themselves.

Berger told you that it's gone.  Some of you don't want to believe your lying eyes.

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