Wednesday, September 02, 2020

Defense firm Roketsan develops weapons system using Turkish-made missiles

via Daily Sabah
Roketsan, which supplies rockets and missiles to the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK), has created a highly deterrent, nationally produced weapons system capable of countering various threats, as part of its continuing efforts to increase the operational capabilities of the country's security forces.

Roketsan has kicked off many important projects, including integrating medium-range anti-tank weapon system (OMTAS) missiles on the new generation tank destroyer, the Kaplan, the delivery of which is ongoing as part of the country's weapon carrier vehicles project. The project aims to increases the firepower of the land elements of the TSK.

The defense contractor is also carrying out a project to produce and integrate Cirit pedestal-mounted laser-guided missiles with the FNSS Defense Systems, the manufacturer of the Kaplan vehicles. The newly developed the Yalman Weapons System hosts a wide range of weapon combinations.

The system will be able to operate with Roketsan products such as OMTAS, long-range anti-tank missile (UMTAS), laser-guided long-range anti-tank missile (LUMTAS), and Cirit missiles. The weapons combination can be changed according to various requirements, including the nature of the target.

The Yalman Weapon System was showcased with one UMTAS, one LUMTAS, and four Cirit missiles during the inauguration ceremony for Roketsan’s Space Technologies and Advanced Technologies Research Center and Explosive Chemicals Raw Material Manufacturing Plant held on Aug. 30.

The system will be able to detect, track, and recognize targets from 8 kilometers away.

Reminds a bit of the system the US ARMY is putting together for the Stryker.

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