Saturday, September 12, 2020

From not enough to excess amphibious lift!


Have we just gone from too little amphibious lift to now having EXCESS lift? Big decks are too vulnerable Berger says.  Little ships are the way to go.  Forcible Entry is a thing of the past he says.  The Missile Marines missile marines won't be doing any amphibious operations anymore.  It's firing missiles from shore to the sea, baby raids with company sized forces and little else.

Additionally its the Pacific.  The rest of the world doesn't matter.  The missile Marines marines will focus on the Pacific only (so much for any clime or place!).

So having said that does it make sense for the America Class LHDs to permanently embark Army Aviation?  Does it make sense for the Army to marinize the 101st and the 25th ID for operations in the Pacific (and beyond...they still believe in "any clime and place")?

Additionally we're buying new LCACs.  Why!?!  The missile marines are going light as a feather.  What does go ashore will be by the new class of amphibious ships that will beach and then zoom, I mean float away (as quickly as a 15 knot ship can) so no need for LCACs.  That means that the Navy is gonna be transporting heavy/medium Army forces ashore or the purchase is just plain batshit stupid.


We just went from not enough to having too much.  That means the Army really is back into the amphibious assault game. 

We missed it but the US Army is now responsible for all forms of forcible entry in the American military.  They once had Parachute Assault, Air Assault and by default they've now assumed Amphibious Assault.

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