Thursday, September 24, 2020

I still believe the ACV will be canceled but the first batch is on track for an early delivery...



The ACV program is currently in low-rate initial production (LRIP), but the initial fielding will still occur in October instead of November or December, he added.

"It could have even been later than that and still be within what we refer to as the program baseline," Garner said. "We are actually in the second year of LRIP, so we are building vehicles now, and those vehicles will continue to be fielded."

The Marine Corps intends to field another unit in southern California in the January-February timeframe, he said.

"We have a stream of vehicles coming off the production line right now so ... we are going to continue fielding a unit about every two-to-three months," Garner said. "This is only the start; we are going to continue at a fairly regular rate from this point onward."


I'm sticking by my prediction.

The ACV will be canceled.

I give the following reasons.

1.  Berger has already stated that the Marine Corps will not ask for another cent from Congress.

2.  The focus of the Missile Marines will apparently be the Indo-Pacific and nowhere else.  If that is true then the need for protected transport of Missile Marines no longer exists.

3.  Berger has already stated that he will divest the Marine Corps of hardware to buy the stuff he needs for his twisted, jacked up and misguided transformation.  

4.  This fielding decision could be made now.  No need to wait.  We've been waiting on the ACV for an eternity.  

Long story short?

It goes back to the issue with LAR.  Just like LAR, AAV Bn is the walking dead. The reaction to the disbanding to tanks and cannons has so riled up certain members of the Marine Corps that won't speak out publicly (but will give hints to their discomfort in e-mails) that to make the announcement now (that the ACV has been canned) will result in a small rebellion.

Its just a matter of timing boys and girls.

I like this vehicle.

I like BAE.

But Berger doesn't and like an axe murderer he's chasing down his prey and this time its the ACV.

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