Monday, September 14, 2020

I've crossed the rubicon. I'm concerned about spontaneous violence ...


I've personally crossed the rubicon.  I'm concerned about spontaneous violence now.

When law enforcement is being attacked on a regular basis then the average citizen is in serious danger.

If you're not dialed up then you're probably behind the power curve.  Because of work I've been tuned up for awhile but the danger is now more apparent than ever.

The problem?  Gun sales are going like gangbusters and when I went to the local dealer to upgrade from my Gen 3 G19 to a Gen 5 Glock 45 I was put on a waiting list...and I get blue label benefits.

As far as ammo you're on your own.  It's been flying off the shelves since Mar and its not in stock ANYWHERE!

Which leaves those that don't have weapons in a bit of a pickle.  What does that mean for the totally unprepared. 


If you live in a major urban area then I hope God is with you.  I couldn't imagine and have no desire to venture there.  But if you must then get yourself into as good a physical shape as possible, get your situational awareness up to par and have plans for plans!

Good luck tribe.  Still don't believe a civil war is coming but sporadic violence against the unaware and unassuming?  You bet your ass.

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