Friday, September 25, 2020

More pics of the French Griffon in Africa

 Thanks to Pegase for the pics...

The French are getting it right across the board.  I love the way they're building their Army?  And what are they doing?  What the US Marine Corps once were masters of but have foolishly thrown in the dustheap.

They're building a solid Air Ground Task Force that is able to scale up and down the spectrum of combat, is mobile both tactically and strategically and can fight and win against heavy mech forces.

Want to see ground force procurement done right?  Look at the Aussies and the French.  Those two nations appear to have cracked the code.

The Missile Marines?  A one trick pony with a VERY limited future.  Side question.  Since the Missile Marines have given up on amphibious assault does that mean that the US Army will also pick up that mission set? Have no fear.  I'm beat right now but we'll look at that and try and figure out how the Army will realign the 25th ID and 2nd ID to perform that mission in the Pacific.

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