Saturday, September 12, 2020

Open Comment Post. 12 Sept 2020

A couple of things.

1.  When I started "open comments" it was because CoffeeJoeJava recommended it as a way for people to post stuff that was off topic. It was a wonderful idea and I tried to expand it a bit by asking people to post info on weapon systems that their countries were working on that didn't hit the web yet.  In ways its been a tremendous success but....

2.  I don't know how or why it happened but its become much less enjoyable. The "fight" between Turkey and Greece has come to dominate.  I'll call it out too.  Alpay has been posted stuff about Turk defense programs and many are calling him out on side issues that he doesn't bring up.  Don't care how you feel about Turkey.  It's about their defense developments.  Knock it off.

That is all.

Apologies to everyone this doesn't apply to but control needs to be re-established over this thing.

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