Monday, September 28, 2020

Politics Talk. What happens to the Republican party if Trump loses? Can the "Never Trumpers" return to power?


I've been gearing up to listen to debate and saw a commercial bashing Lindsey Graham (dude definitely can't catch a break...hated by Republicans, RINOS and Dems!).

I forget the organization that was running the ad but it was formed by "Never Trumpers".

All this led me to this question (I think I've touched on it before...either here or in another conversation).

What happens to the Republican Party if Trump loses?  Can the "Never Trumpers" return to power?

Let's get actual and factual.

These elites that roam the halls of power, in the think tanks, Congressional aides etc...are the power behind the throne.  Correction.  Money is the power behind the throne.  These people are the court jesters that throw out ideas and try and get the real powers to bite.

For the purposes of this blog let's look at the defense analyst.

There are some pretty well known bubbas that are on the outs with the Trump administration.  Some by their own choice.  Some because they were forced out.

What are they gonna do?

Could the Dems throw those people a bone and let them into their tent?  Would they really rush to join them?  If they don't could they return to the Republican party?

Republican elites would welcome them back but would the rank and file conservative?

I just don't know.

What I think though is that political turmoil will continue for at least another year and we're gonna see various power plays in a 3, possibly 4 way firing squad (I'm thinking it'll be both Dems AND Repub infighting if Biden bites the dust and Kamila takes power).

2020 has sucked donkey dick.  I'm beginning to think that 2021 won't be any better.  

This covid shit is gonna stick.  The economy is still gonna muddle along.  People got into the habit (only takes 60 days to make a lifestyle and some got into the lifestyle of sitting at home) of not working, the Middle East is still a mess, China is still rising, Africa has dodged covid but has so many other problems that it will be a source of concern....and we have all the drama going on inside the US itself with the various social issues.

It ain't over yet folks.

The breakup of the Republican Party might be small potatoes in the grand scheme of things.

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