Thursday, September 10, 2020

The Chinese F-35. What we could have had but jacked it up...

Story here.

Look at that beauty.

Twin engined.  Probably low observable instead of full stealth.  Probably affordable as hell.

Will it deliver what the F-35 promised?  No.  But neither does the F-35!

We are our own worst enemy.  Generals sold their souls for a fighter that we now know won't meet the needs of our future.  Not only that but its late, we've paid an unGodly sum of money to acquire it, the military has lied to the American people/Friendly nations/Congress to get it across the finish line and it still don't work.

What happens when they double the number of fighters we have and they're just as good but more importantly can get into the air, mixed with a fleet bigger than our own, a more mechanized Marine Corps and formidable anti-air missile complex to keep us at distance?

We lose the war in Africa and they then own the Pacific because we're licking our wounds and trying to rebuild a jacked up military.

The 2003-2020 timeframe sowed the seeds of our future defeat.

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