Sunday, September 27, 2020

The missile marine concept (force design) is simply creating an Anti-Access/Area Denial zone for the Chinese to penetrate!


It amazing to watch the huge steaming pile that Berger has managed to come up with.  The sad reality?  He's trying to create an Anti-Access/Area Denial zone that the Chinese will have to penetrate.


This has everything to do with deterrence, not winning a war (oh and trust and believe that the Chinese will analyze this thing and come to the same conclusion...they won't be fooled or deterred by this monstrosity).  

Remember my complaint that the US DoD had become so focused on offensive warfare that it became unbalanced?  Remember my complaint that we didn't work on defensive ops and that it would bite us?

This plan is an entire generation of thinking biting us in the ass.

The problem?  We're operating in their neighborhood.  This plan rests on another leg of the tripod that is totally outside the realm of the DoD and rests in the area of the State Dept.

Berger is complaining that we're not postured properly in the Pacific.  

You know where he's heading with this don't you?

More US bases in the region.

Riddle me this.  Which Pacific nation is going to welcome US missile marines or Soldiers onto their soil?  Do you think you can push this concept by just running exercises on an ongoing basis?

Do you really believe that Pacific nations that aren't aligned with the US (which means everyone except Japan, Australia, S. Korea) are going to pick a side in this upcoming fight?

We're living in the legacy of the F-35.  With that plane it was "lets get it first then we'll fix it".  The same can be said of this concept.  "Lets get it set in stone then we'll fix it".

What a pathetic way to plan.  We deserve better leadership.

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