Sunday, September 20, 2020

The US Missile Marines are soon gonna be as light as this abomination the Brits are experimenting with...


Amazing.  Do they really believe that this force will have any currency in the Med, North Africa (ARE YOU FUCKING SHITTING ME!!!!) or god forbid the Black Sea?

The Royal Marines are smoking the same crack that the US Missile Marine Corps is!

They're betting on deterrence cause if this "Commando Force" goes to war they're gonna get mauled without HEAVY SUPPORT (same as the USMMC).

Sidenote.  Has forward deployment of our forces led to anything except MORE war? From my chair when a bad guy decides to do bad things they really don't care about who's floating off the coast or who has bases nearby.  If that was the case then Carrier Diplomacy would still be a thing.

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