Saturday, September 26, 2020

US Army....Rail Gunner Rush


Mark my words. The US Army will optimize two divisions. The 25th ID and the 2nd ID. They will optimize those divisions for warfare in the Pacific and they will do one thing to equal the Missile Marines. 

They will simply add MLRS to their artillery battalions and they'll fill them with anti-ship missiles. They already have a more robust anti-air capability than the Marine Corps ever has and they'll plug into the Navy's fire network. Pushing Marines off LHDs/LPDs will be simple. 

The missile marines (lower case on purpose) have decided to give up the amphibious forcible entry mission so that leaves it to the US Army. Long story short? BlackTail called it. Over Specialization will KILL THE MARINE CORPS (correction has killed the Marine Corps, it will also disembowel the missile marines) and our future lies in being what we've always been. 

A medium weight force that can scale up and down the spectrum of conflict AND is capable of acting as a quick reaction force for a fight that happens anywhere on the globe. Unfortunately the "I Am Friction" Commandant can't see that. Crack is a helluva drug...

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