Wednesday, September 09, 2020

US Missile Marine Corps versus a Chinese Marine Amphibious Assault...


Alpha Company Landing Team/31st Missile Marine Amphibious Unit

Major Howard was talking to the Amphibious Ready Group Commander but he didn't seem to get the force of connection.  The concept was glorious to behold and they successfully hit and knocked out of the fight (note, not SUNK) a Type 55 and two more Type 52s.  The problem for the CLT was that while they contributed a bit to the naval fight they were about to get steamrolled on land.

The Navy did as the Navy does and focused priority on the naval fight while ignoring the fight ashore.  Marine Air was no where to be found.  Fast movers were fully engaged in that fight and while the AH-1Zs, H-60's, UH-1Ys and a few Apaches on loan from the Army were doing their best they were getting knocked out of the sky as fast as they could make runs against the enemy landing force.

Long story short?

The Chinese Marines were about to invite themselves to dinner and the Missile Marines were the main course.

Major Howard could hear his MLRS and 155 Cannons making all sorts of racket but they were not hitting the targets.

The Chinese were about to hit shore with their EFV clones and once on land they were gonna steam roll them like they weren't even there.  No tanks.  No direct fire support and the most firepower he had available were a few "upgunned" JLTVs.

Things were definitely not looking good.

He turned to his XO, Capt Sharon Petrowski.  Good officer.  Tough.  Capable.  But that one glaring weakness kept him from asking her opinion.  For better or worse she was shake and bake.  One day she was admin, the next she put in a package and bam!  Instant Infantry Officer.  He knew the textbook (which is what she would have spouted) but he needed options and insight.

No matter how he looked at it one thing was certain.  Alpha Company Landing Team was fucked.  Proper fucked.

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