Thursday, October 22, 2020

A 'Big Fight Coming' over Defense Budget if Dems Sweep Election, Lawmaker Says


The chairman of the House Armed Services Committee says he opposes proposals by progressive Democrats to cut the Pentagon budget by as much as 20% if that party takes the House, Senate and White House on Election Day.

Rep. Adam Smith, D-Wash., said he is "open to debate" on the subject of Defense Department funding but favors a flat budget or slight reductions over massive cuts designed to shift money to other federal programs.


Wow.  This is crazy!  All those generals that have come out in support of Biden and the Dems are gonna have to deal with this aftermath.

The trainwreck isn't gonna be just a trainwreck.  It's gonna be a rape with a cactus!

Berger was right to try and move fast but even with that he's too slow.

The Marines are gonna be in the worst position possible.  Halfway thru a transformation in the midst of massive budget cuts.

I know his game plan to deal with it though and he's signalled it.

He's said that he will cut legacy programs to pay for his modernization?  You bet your ass!  Say goodbye LAR, ACV and probably a few more F-35Bs.  See ya KC-130 squadrons, so long a few more MV-22s!  I've most definitely left out a few items but you get the drift.


The biggest hit will be personnel.

I predicted an end strength of 150K based on what Amos and now Berger have publicly stated but that's far too low.  I think we're probably now looking at an end strength of 125K at the high end to a low of 100K.

Mark my words.  We're about to see the consequences of this election right away.

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