Monday, October 05, 2020

A famous author (and former naval officer) gives words of wisdom about the Missile Marine Corps...


The above quote is simple.  Plainly said.  Easily understood.  The Missile Marines are over specializing.  I've seen cute phrases being tossed around to hide the truth. Words like "Mini-MAGTF".  Still being able to conduct offensive operations.  More useful in the greater scheme to the defense of the US.

Utter bullshit.

The good news?

The battle is now fully engaged.  The Marine Corps is divided on this plan and FINALLY I'm getting word that there is not only unease but raging debates in places that you and I can't go.

That is good news folks!  But let me leave you with this...

The Marine Corps was a whole different creature but this Commandant is seeking not only to shed our battle winning air ground task forces (let's be this or that is just lipstick on a pig...they will be incapable of performing any other mission...HA/DR you're kidding right...forcible entry, well Berger wants out of that...that just leaves chucking missiles!) but also seeks to tuck back under the Navy when so many greats sought independence!

Mark my words.

The budget, bad planning, failure to properly communicate his plans, failure to get the Marine Corps behind his vision and unfortunately probably some major event will totally derail Berger's masterpiece.

He will go down as another in a line of failed commandants.  From Amos forward we've been screwed!

Sidenote.  Still waiting to see what happens to the son of a bitch general in Europe.  Don't take this long to investigate something like this.  Berger will sweep this shit.  That's what they do.

Sidenote 1.  He's got two years.  Well really one.  His last year will be lame duck so if he can't get it done in 2021 then it won't happen.  He won't be able to.  The problem (cause I'm certain of his failure) is that he'll leave the Marine Corps in a murky middle ground.  The next guy will have to clean up the horrible mess he's gonna leave behind.

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