Friday, October 30, 2020

Are robotic small boat swarms the real answer to dealing with a numerically superior enemy?

 Note.  Was watching this vid of a Turkish proposal (I guess that's what this is) for small robotic attack craft.  Change up the weapons a little, maybe enlarge it to carry weapons that have more reach and could you have the answer to a numerically superior enemy?  They're not constrained by tiny land mass and have the maneuver space of the sea to operate from.  All this goes to my main complaint with Berger's concept.  The solution to a naval problem has to come from the sea.  NOT LAND.  For better or worse the Navy will be required to be the main player in any sea battle.  All the USAF, USMC and US Army can do is play a supporting AND BIT ROLE.  The solution will have to come from the US Navy!

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