Friday, October 23, 2020

Australia's Air Force is set to become the most powerful air arm in the Pacific (pound for pound) with the aid of Boeing's Loyal Wingman

This is crazy!  It's a darn shame that the Australians are getting such a big jump on us with this airplane.  It's gonna be a world beater and with it teaming with the Super Hornet will probably be more lethal than any other combo flying today. 

The crazy thing?

They aren't even playing with the thing yet!  Imagine loading up one with a wing full of missiles.  Another with jamming pods.  A third acting as a scout with AESA blasting away...all while being trailed by a Super Hornet playing point guard directing the action.  Why the basketball instead of football comparison?  Because on the court every player can score.  In this mythical package every plane can shoot and kill.  Even the AESA variant playing the scout can use its radar in the electronic attack role.  Killing electronics might be just as important as blasting apart structures!

I like what they're doing.

We should have beat them here but we didn't.  

I guess we can take comfort in knowing that they're our allies and not another foe.

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