Saturday, October 31, 2020

Chinese Air Assault units on exercise...

 What happens if the Chinese response to Berger's concept is to attack them directly with their own air assault teams?  What if the Chinese decide to make their Marines "aviation centric" so that they can directly assault these forward operating bases/refueling-rearming points and anti-ship missile batteries?

Quite honestly that would be the best of all possibilities.

I fully expect the Chinese to at best locate, isolate and destroy in order these units with massive missile/artillery strikes.

The worst case scenario is that they locate, attack in detail and kill/capture American Marines with the intent to demoralize our efforts.

I don't think they're quite as barbaric as the Japanese during WW2 but if fangs are out it might be hard to control a few hardcore Chinese Marines...

Could the fate of this Australian Commando at the hands of a Japanese Imperial Soldier be shared by a future Marine if Berger's plan is carried out?

Hope not...hope I'm not around to see it...but I definitely see the possibilities...

Forward, isolated, for all intents and purposes surrounded, no support and very much at the mercy of the enemy.

US Marines 2045.

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