Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Dana Bailey shuts down the WarHouse Gym...

 Note.  Luv this couple and I like them both.  What a shame.  This is the other side of how we've handled the covid crisis.  This is what makes me so upset by the "listen to the scientist" crowd.  Well what about the business scientist, the mental health experts, those bubbas that look at group behavior and how a society responds to troubles?  If you just listen to the medical experts then they focus purely on the "big thing".  But MARK MY WORDS!  When we look back we will see many people dying from treatable illness because they couldn't get to the hospital or see their doctor.  Many others will develop illness because they couldn't be seen by their doctor.  Many others will have died because of this lockdown.

Lastly I leave you with this.

When you impose a lockdown on the sick, infirm, unhealthy its called a quarantine. When you impose a lockdown on HEALTHY, law abiding citizens its called house arrest.  Don't matter how gilded the cage its still house arrest.

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