Sunday, October 11, 2020

Eitan 8x8

The Israeli Eitan is the best 8x8 IFV currently in production.  Full stop.  Spare me the nonsense about the Boxer.  Its vaunted modularity has yet to be seen used by any operator. The Patria AMV, the General Dynamics Piranha V and a few others all challenge the Boxer for second place.  From my chair the Boxer has it's German reputation hiding its warts.

The sad reality?

The Boxer is really getting a bit long in the tooth. Its design period is from 1998-2009.  It first entered service in 2009.  Compare that to the Stryker.  The Army announced the Stryker Brigade Concept in 1999 and had its first vehicle in service in 2000.  

You say that's an unfair comparison?  Ok.  The Stryker is based on the LAVIII.  General Dynamics was approached by the Canadian Army in 1991 and had the vehicle designed and into service with them by 1995.

Long story short?

The Boxer is an old vehicle with great marketing.

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