Monday, October 05, 2020

How is it YOUR carrier strike group if you DON'T own the planes?

Sorry but this ain't crossdecking folks! Sidenote.  Please spare me Royal Navy boosters on the idiocy of posting pics of US aircraft on British carriers in the past...this is a whole different animal and you know it!  This is the US Missile Marines putting its aircraft on a British carrier for a full freaking deployment!

Ok.  Fair enough right?


I've tried to leave this alone but this chest thumping from across the pond is getting to be a bit irritating.

HOW is it YOUR carrier strike group if you DON'T own the planes?  Let's say the Brits get a wild hair up their arses (like how I did that) and decide they want to conduct strikes in Mali.  Let's also say that Trump decides he's had enough of these entanglements in small wars.

Do you really believe that Missile Marines would fly those strikes?

This is theater.  The only real question is whether or not the British public believes the spectacle.  My assumption is they don't, but it is 2020 so anything is possible. 

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