Saturday, October 31, 2020

If the Republicans fail this Nov it's because they didn't embrace the future by getting behind candidates like John James...


I read alot of the comments on this blog.  I drink in all the various view points and try my best to keep it balanced/fair.

One thing has me mystified.

Many are worried that Trump will fail this fall.  I think its possible.  Things definitely don't look good.

So let me get in an early post mortem.

The Republican Party and its base failed because it did not embrace the future by getting behind candidates like John James.  The dude is stellar.  Has a beautiful family, gorgeous kids.  He's well spoken.  Went to Ranger School, was an Apache Pilot and is a combat vet.

He's also African American.

The issue?

He has Republican values.  He has a conservative viewpoint.  He thinks like I do and he has an awesome resume.

His biggest problem in the Republican Party of 2020?

He looks like me.  He's black.  Some members of this party can't get past the idea that you can have someone that is on your side but isn't of your same race.

If the Republican lose this will be why.  They're making their club exclusive while the Dems are making it inclusive.

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