Monday, October 12, 2020

Many are cracking jokes but give the N. Koreans a little credit on their T-62 mods...

 I've noticed a recurring theme when it comes to potentially hostile nations and how many view them.

Take N. Korea for example.

They just had their big parade and with the exception (and probably not even that with some of the stuff I've read) of the mobile ballistic missile (its getting slammed for being liquid fueled), they're being dismissed.

Big mistake.

Take the mods on the T-62.

Looks like something a 14 year old would design?  Seriously?  First it has external anti-tank missiles.  On most tanks I remember people trying to make them fit thru the barrel.  This is a pragmatic, almost elegant solution.  We do it for our IFVs so why not for MBTs?

Additionally I'm seeing band tracks.  That's a nice step forward.  As far as the armor is concerned I have no idea.  What gives me pause though is that it should be obvious to all that the Chinese are giving them AT LEAST limited technical advice (probably more...this nation should have starved to death by now if they weren't helping).  So we should expect that armor to at least be functional and they probably have upgraded FCS too!

My last point is this.

Even though it seems apparent that the S. Koreans easily match the North...while they should EASILY be able to repulse any attack on their nation from the North, they still insist on having US troops on their soil (don't forget though that they have an unusually comfortable relationship with the Chinese so Berger won't be able to put his Missile Marines on their soil in event of war).

The reality is that this "hermit" kingdom will be a tough out.  The North might have outdated weapons but they will get their pound of flesh in a fight.

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