Tuesday, October 06, 2020

The Brits are starting the uncomfortable conversation about how sailing the S. China sea increases their security...


This is the fallacy of the partnership nonsense that the Pentagon is so in love with.  Operating together during peacetime is one thing.  Doing it during times of war is another.  

Oh, and with certain foes the State Dept and Pentagon will come to realize that those easy alliances that they foresee are fleeting at best.

This is another shatterpoint for Berger's concept.  You might partner when things are calm but as soon as some of those so called allies see shit heating up they're gonna bail.

What's the solution?

Build partnerships and invest time with steadfast allies.  You know Australia is on our side.  Same with Japan.  S. Korea will need to be persuaded but they should also come down on our side of the ledger too (hopefully).  The rest of Asia?  Doubtful.  European countries?  I can Poland getting into the fight (they seem like they like a good brawl...might not bring alot but they're up for a good scrap), the UK will be stalled and the Germans will be nowhere to be found.  I have no idea about Italy/Spain and France will probably try and broker a peace deal.

Long story short?

Putting our planes on that Brit carrier is nothing but theater!

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