Tuesday, October 20, 2020

The Call....


Stuck out in bumfuck Egypt Louisiana.  Routine patrol.  Call comes in.  Minor disturbance at such and such address.

Roll out.

Arrive at location.

Dispatch got it wrong.  Man inside refuses to leave.  Call for backup.  They're coming but they're about 15 minutes away.  Situation appears contained.  No need to bump it.  Then...

Shit goes from stupid to batshit crazy.

Woman screaming for help.  Shouting from a male voice.  Tell dispatch to bump it up to code 3. Shift Lt wants to know what's going on.  Give him a brief rundown (30 seconds max...he knows how to listen)  15 minutes will now become 5 cause these bubbas will know backwoods roads I don't even know exist and will be blasting my way doing 130.

No time to wait.  Gotta nutt up.  I trained for this most of my adult life.  I'm fit, lethal and know my shit.

Gotta go.

No time to wait.  It's up to me.

FUCK MY LIFE!  I have seconds to decide and the local media will be taking days to see where I messed this up.

Fuck it.  

I kick the door....

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