Friday, October 23, 2020

The craziness of maintaining Marine Infantry when Berger really needs is a ton of ANGLICO!

This tweet is in response to a great article that talks about the Marine Infantry dilemma.

The reality?

With Berger's force we don't need Marine Infantry anymore than we needed the now discarded Marine Tanks.  

All we need is all the missiles and rockets the son of a bitch wants to buy and a whole lot of ANGLICO.

Let the reality of that sink in.

In Berger's world the only thing that would be recognizable about the Marine Corps is aviation (which would inevitably be consumed by Navy Air).  Everything else would be turned upside down.

No one is calling him on it and he's halfway to completing this craziness.

Ain't that just perfect for 2020?  The seeds of defeat are being sown by one out of control Commandant and his sycophants that cheer for something even they realize is flawed beyond recognition.

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