Friday, October 02, 2020

The losses of #Azerbaijan|i side are illustrated as of 21:00 on Sept 28

Wondering why I haven't taken a deep dive into this conflict? Simple. I know little about the issue.  Barely know the countries involved. To be blunt, my knowledge of this thing is coming from you, my readers.

What I do know is that the fighting has been fierce.  Tactics?  Spotty at best. I've seen a bit of commentary that the tank is dead.  My reply?  No.  The tank isn't dead, its just that combined arms is supreme! Which is why I rail so hard about the direction that Berger is taking the Marine Corps. We once had the world's FINEST combined arms team in the world.  Now we're dismantling it on purpose.

This conflict shows that Berger's plan is batshit stupid.

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