Thursday, October 15, 2020

Turkish ACVs modernisation via EDR Magazine


via EDR

Situational awareness, firepower, survivability, and life support seems to be the four main areas that will considerably improve the ACV effectiveness. The driver will get a new day/night vision system, while 360° close range observation will be available, helping in situations such as urban warfare. The crew will be able to see the surroundings on screens, while a direction finding and navigation system will help during the manoeuvre. The DAF turret will be replaced by Aselsan’s Nefer unmanned turret armed with a 25 mm cannon, a coaxial 7.62 mm adding to the main armament firepower.

According to Mr. Demir, protection will be increased both against kinetic energy and blast threats, a laser waning system providing advanced alarm should the vehicle be subject to laser illumination either from a rangefinder, a designator or a laser-missile guidance system. No data were provided about the increased armour, neither about the add-on weight that this should bring with it; while the weight of the new and old turrets are comparable, it is safe to think that the increased protection level and the add-on of a number of systems will bring with them a considerable weight increase, but the modernised vehicle gross weight was not provided. As no information about upgrades in the mobility area was given, we can presume that the higher weight will partly affecting mobility. The only data provided to date are the maximum road speed being 60 km/h, and the typical 60% gradient and 30% side slope capabilities.


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