Wednesday, October 14, 2020

US Army& US Missile Marines are competing for the same missions in the Pacific via Defense News...

Of course they are but it gets worse.

The one locale, one foe, too light to fight Missile Marines are sealing their doom. The US Army will come in bigger, badder and will compete for space aboard those light amphibs that the Marines are begging for.  Worse than that?  Those big decks that the Missile Marines are abandoning will end up being carriers for the 101st, 82nd and 25th ID.

This Commandant has royally fucked up but no one active is willing to call him on this madness. 

Sidenote.  Anyone that doesn't believe that the US Army won't load up the 25th and 2nd ID with more anti-ship missiles than the Marine Corps can dream of, load up its Apaches for the sea strike mission and doesn't dedicate a few drones to the anti-ship/sea surveillance mission is smoking crack.  The Army is coming and they're coming in a big way.

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