Tuesday, October 27, 2020

We've got to find a better way of dealing with the mentally ill...

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The Suffolk County District Attorney does not believe Armand set out to disrupt the election process or undermine confidence in mail-in voting. DA Rachael Rollins explained in a news release that she believes Armand is “emotionally disturbed.”

Rollins added, “No matter the intent of Armand when he set fire to these ballots, his actions strike a nerve in our society at a time of nearly unprecedented political divisiveness. The destruction of ballots is simply unacceptable.”

A “dangerousness hearing” was scheduled for October 30 to determine whether Armand could be granted bail. This hearing was set after Armand refused to talk to a court clinician who was working to determine whether Armand was competent to stand trial. According to the district attorney’s office, Judge Summerville decided against sending Armand to a different facility for a mental health evaluation after the medical professional reported back.

The DA’s office also disclosed that Armand faces a separate arson charge in Malden District Court. Details of that case are unclear; a search of online court records does not bring up any results for Armand’s name.

Story here. 

Make no mistake about it.

99% of the people in jail are suffering some type of mental issue.  They're semi-functional though (the operative word is semi!). 

My issue with this guy is that even if he's occasionally functional he's clearly teetering on the edge and someone will have to deal with this dude in their living room...probably while he's committing a burglary (hopefully that's the extent of it).

We've got to come up with a better way.  This catch and release of the criminally mentally ill is NOT working.

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