Wednesday, November 04, 2020

I am personally amazed this election is this close.

 Talk about WOW!

I am personally amazed that this election is this close.  Want to talk about a few take-aways?

*  Biden never really presented his plan for the least the news media didn't report it.  When he did talk about it he waivered all over the place.  

*  The covid response isn't/wasn't the winning issue that the "smart people" seemed to think it was.  I think they REALLY SCREWED UP when it came to the impact of all the national house arrest was having on the average person.

*  Speaking of house arrest.  It was obvious that they were keeping the guy under wraps and this election shows the danger of that.

*  No matter who wins the nation is still gonna be dangerously divided.  Putting forward any agenda is gonna be difficult and it will NOT be a national consensus (at least on the issues we're currently facing).  

*  IF Trump wins a second term I hope the dude can tone it down ALOT!  I'm talking mainly the tweets.  It was out of hand and he needs to get a handle on that trash.

*  NEVER TRUMP Republicans are screwed!  Those bubbas only had a chance at power if Biden won decisively and IF they could slither back into the Republican party to help pick up the pieces.  Now?  Now if Trump does lose they'll take a beating from the base.  They'll be blamed for Trump's loss.  They'll have to become Democrats and hope they're accepted but I'm betting the Dems will go even harder left before they return to the center.

Ya'll got anymore?

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