Sunday, November 29, 2020

Italian F-35 "Beast Mode"...

 I'm still a critic of this program...

*  ALIS doesn't work and the work around is still getting fleshed together.

*  Critical systems have been either downgraded or workarounds established with no visibility on their solution.

*  The variety of munitions carried is still pitifully small...many weapon systems that should be available STILL aren't.

*  Full rate production decision has been pushed into 2021...this puppy should be getting cranked out if all was well!

*  Allies ARE BUYING THE THING...but they're also developing their own stealth fighters at the same time.  Even the USAF is buying F-15EX's and the Navy has started a crash program for it's next gen fighter that the USAF is globbing onto.

Yeah I'm still a critic but its a slow defense news day....

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