Monday, November 16, 2020

Let's put a pin in this coronavirus debate. What is the middle ground on this issue?


Let's put a pin in this coronavirus debate (until something new hits...alot of stuff on the news is recycled gloom and doom).  What is the middle ground on this issue?

Some (me included) think the solution to this virus is worse than the disease...mass quarantine! I want something different.  If you're vulnerable then you stay at home.  If you're well then you get on with life. Nothing closes.  The vulnerable are quarantined.  The fit aren't put on house arrest.

Others say that the govt must PROTECT US!  We're in this together so if it spikes in New York City or the Western states then all of us should shelter in place and the whole nation shut down.  

Is there a middle ground on all this?  I wonder cause I had a reader state that they have little faith this anti-viral will actually work because we have historically had NO success with them.

This issue whether we like it or not is to accept the fact that this is like other major debates we're having in this country.

There is no middle ground.

Hopefully someone here has one that will sing to us all.

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