Thursday, November 26, 2020

Marine Corps short 6 infantry battalions

 Note.  Read the entire article but these are the parts that caught my eye...via Marine Corps Times.

The biggest hurdle for the Marine Corps to overcome in future fights is its size, according to the report.

By analyzing every fight the Marine Corps has been involved with since the Korean War, Wood estimated the Corps would need 15 infantry battalions, along with the supporting force, to be effective.


Under that assessment the Marine Corps with “only” 24 infantry battalions would have received an overall grade of “weak.”

In 2020 Wood accepted the Marine Corps’ insistence that it is a one-war force with an added crisis response mission. Under the new evaluation the estimated requirement was lowered by Wood to 30 infantry battalions and the Corps score was moved up to “marginal.” 


 “There is a potential for the Navy, acting as the anchor, the drag, that keeps the Marine Corps from realizing what it needs to be,” Wood said.

“But it is also possible the success the Marine Corps has in developing and proving these new concepts pulls the Navy forward.”

Like I said.


The most stunning part of the thing to me?  Enlisted boatspaces are taking a dramatic hit and while that is being accelerated we're seeing officer slots increase!

At this rate we're gonna have officers commanding squads.... 

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