Monday, November 02, 2020

My analysis of your choices this election. You're fucked either way...pick your poison and swallow without tasting

Let me give you my honest appraisal of this election.


It really doesn't matter who you elect.  We're screwed.  No.  I said it right in the headline.  We're fucked.  Somehow, someway in a nation of over 350 million people we've been given the choice between either a dude that talks too much, studies too little and has trouble wrapping his mind around tough issues...and on the other we have a man that is apparently suffering from dementia, is being propped up by not only his wife but an entire party, has soken in public and made us all wonder if he even knew what planet he was on and for all intents and purposes seems like he's drugged half the time.

You think this election is the end?

It's just the beginning of the drama.

America will be wrapped up in foolishness for another four years and I don't see anyone on either sides bench that will be able to put us back together again.

To take it a step further the deep divide might even lead to a change in how we're governed.

FALLOUT (the video game) I think has it right.  I think the country will segment into regionalism and you'll see for instance the NE become a federalized district ...the same with the south, the west and the midwest.

Four (or possibly more) different nations under one roof just below the national level with state govts still existing.

We're in a rough ride but don't fool yourself when you cast that ballot.

You're stocking up on ammo, food, fuel?  You might want to stock up on vaseline!

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