Saturday, November 28, 2020

Our response to this virus will last for decades & will have implications going well into the future...

Gonna hit you with one of my old chestnuts.

A Russian warning was that they would have us "living in the land of mirrors"...that we wouldn't know up from down, the truth from a lie.

The Russians were right.

I'm getting so much conflicting info on this virus that I can't see straight.  Once infected you have a high level of immunity that could last years?  That's mind boggling.

The lockdowns have me pissed though.  The American people (in my opinion and I know I'm in a minority) have been placed on house arrest and the ability of so many to make a living has been stripped away.

The mask idiocy has me rolling.  We aren't suppose to wear N-95's (although I can get my hands on them due to the job) so we have people running around with various degrees of protection even IF THEY DECIDE to comply with the edict.  In other words they can be wearing something that does jack shit but they believe they do EVEN THOUGH a basic standard hasn't been established.

This whole thing is craziness!

At the end of the day I don't care which side of this issue you fall on.  Our response to this virus will be debated for decades and the implications for our country/society will last well into the future. 

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