Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Parler Social Media Site...a warning to the news include Fox News...


I heard about this thing during a "Kim Commando" radio minute.  PARLER is the fastest growing media site in America today. According to Kim its a warning to the news media. She said that the US is hopelessly divided and that PARLER is serving as an alternative to Twitter and she's wondering if this is an opening for new conservative sites to pop up.

My concern is a bit more broad.

What happens if we become divided not only values wise, but also in our intake of information?  What happens when the old barons of media are not only NOT trusted but despised (you could argue we're already there).

How do we operate even basic institutions if everyone has a tailored viewpoint of what's actually happening (again, you could argue we're already there)?

We are truly headed towards having two nations in one.  One conservative and the other liberal. How do we square that away?  It's almost the low level equivalent of SECTARIAN warfare!  Let's use a stark example to explain the vast differences.  Instead of labeling it liberal vs conservative, consider if it was Christian vs Muslim!

That's how different the viewpoints are.

Regardless of your affiliation you should be concerned.  We're headed toward a real rough piece of ground.

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