Monday, November 23, 2020

Politics Talk. Trump has conceded. Will Conservatives form a "resistance" like the left did?

NOTE!  Jesus guys!  Are you fucking kidding me (Some are hanging on the thread that he hasn't come out and said he concedes)?  The dude has stated that he is giving the GSA authorization to start the transition!  That is a concession in everything but word!  ARE YOU PEOPLE THAT HUNG UP ON EXACTITUDE THAT YOU CAN'T EVEN BOTHER TO READ BETWEEN THE LINES ON SHIT????  Sorry bro. We're operating with less than ideal information on a variety of stuff.  Informed speculation is constant on this blog.  If you can't hang with that then this might not be the place for ya!

 Trump has conceded.  There was really no doubt.  All the bluster on the news media meant nothing.  No one was ever going to have to enter the White House to remove the dude from power.  The legal system had to have its say, this election (despite the media...AGAIN!) was much closer than anyone seems to want to admit.  Finally, at least half the country is against Joe Biden which means that he doesn't have a mandate for "change".

But will there be a resistance like the left mounted against Trump with Biden in the cross hairs?  Don't recall what I'm talking about?  

Via France 24 (note that I'm using a foreign source because American sites seem to have scrubbed references...the search continues but at best its buried deep)

Soon after the election of Donald Trump, a loose alliance began coalescing around the goal of resisting Trump's vision for America.

SNAFU! Note.  This loose alliance included prominent members of the Republican party.  That will have to be sorted or a new party will undoubtedly rise.

The election of Donald Trump has inspired people from across the political spectrum to oppose his administration, from liberals, environmentalists and LGBTQ activists to lifelong Republicans, veterans and ex-members of the intelligence community. Democrats and "Never Trump" Republicans have found themselves united in ardent agreement that Trump poses a threat to US democratic norms and institutions, among them a vigorous free press, the constitutionally mandated separation of powers and a national security apparatus that operates above partisan politics.

Most also view Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into the Trump team's Russia ties as vital to national security and not a "witch hunt" as Trump maintains.

There seems to be an understanding – for now – on both the left and the right that political and ideological differences must be shelved while they focus on defeating Trump's more extreme proposals and ensuring that the rule of law is upheld. Battles over policy can come later.

Will conservatives mount a "resistance"?

Quite honestly I hope so.  

When a country is divided as much as the US, a break in drastic change is called for.  If agendas are pushed that offend half the electorate then you're gonna have a continuation of division.

I don't think we can afford that going into the crazy ass 2020's.

I have a feeling we're gonna need to get our shit together to survive this decade. 

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