Friday, November 27, 2020

Quick Hit. Trump might have been batshit crazy but he didn't radiate weakness like Biden is...

 SNAFU! Quick Hits are just a few quick thoughts that I toss to ya'll for debate. Usually information is just coming in and that info will evolve.  Participate at your own risk but we're in the land of INTENSE speculation on these topics (usually).


Did you guys see the news?  Someone (most think the Israelis) just smoked the top Iranian Nuclear Scientist like a cheap cigar in a seedy hotel with a 5 cent hooker between his legs after a long night of drinking.

No missiles.

No poison.

Old fashioned run up on a car, switch your rifle to fun and cut loose. Quite honestly it looks like some Ranger Battalion shit.

But back on task.

I'm thinking the Israelis are cleaning up their neighborhood and doing their best to slow down the Iranian nuclear program and sending a message to the Iranians at the same time.

The million dollar question.

Did Trump know (did the Israelis inform us before the operation) and did we provide support in anyway?

I just don't know.

What I do know is that we might be on the edge of terrorism rising dramatically in the near term.  We could see this ongoing regional war in the Middle East/North Africa increase in ferocity and while the economy will roar back I think we could see another oil shock with activity in the Persian Gulf disrupting shipping.

I really do believe 2020 was bad but 2021 will be worse...both internationally and domestically.

This is just the prologue to a fucked up year.

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