Sunday, November 01, 2020

The Army is already drinking the Marine Corps' milkshake and they're doing it WITH Berger's concept! So much for a unique capability huh?

Berger can bullshit the rest of the Marine Corps into believing that his concept is a unique capability that the Marine Corps will bring to the joint force but that's a lie. The only reason why the Army isn't trumpeting this thing is cause they're too polite (with a fellow service!) to rub our noses in it but make no mistake. 

The Army will be in the Pacific and they'll be in it in a HUGE WAY!

Berger's Marine Corps just shed ground combat power for no reason other than he wanted to shed ground combat power.  This naval fires from shore bullshit could have been ADDED to the force and the Marine Air-Ground Task Force maintained.

At the end of the day I believe this is a vanity project.

Dude just wanted to be "transformative" instead of ensuring that his command was as good or better when he leaves than when he found it (unqualified failure on that point...the Marine Corps is adrift!).

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