Saturday, November 14, 2020

Water cannons fired at anti-lockdown protesters in Germany. Authorities worldwide are gonna have to find another solution...

Authorities worldwide are gonna have to find another solution to the coronavirus spread problem.  Locking people up won't work and the public finds that to be rather draconian sliding toward totalitarian. 

I have yet to understand why the vulnerable aren't being told to shelter while the healthy can continue with their normal activities.

My only guess?

There must be something they're not telling us that alarms officials. Could it be a strain that can mutate into something truly horrifying?  I have my suspicions because the reaction seems to be the same worldwide (and the public response with its re emergence).

Oh and don't think that the frustration is just in Europe.  It's especially strong here in the US.  Don't believe me?  Check out this tweet about the Mayor Of Chicago.  

 Long story short?  Officials are at the very least gonna have to live by the same rules they force us to live under or the next elections are gonna be Titanic and without the force of a presidential election you can expect conservative candidates to have a HUGE red wave sweep over the US in even deep blue areas.

Sidenote.  I find it interesting and a bit perplexing that now they're looking to dig deep into the lives of private citizens and call for NOT having Thanksgiving dinner with your loved ones.  I look forward to seeing how this plays out.  Understand this. When they told people that go to church that they couldn't AND the various church leaders went along with it I was shocked.  All I could think of is various communities have risked life and limb to attend service LITERALLY but they still did it.  Today?  The church completely capitulated. Now they're going beyond that and telling people to go a step further and not gather with friends and family.  If that's not house arrest I don't know what is!

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