Saturday, November 07, 2020

You guys seeing this? Denmark killed 17 million mink because they transmitted covid to humans...UK bans travel from that country...


I'm trying real hard to wrap my head around this one.  A quick rundown of what I recall from the spotty news reporting on covid.

*  There were at least two strains of this thing.  One more deadly than the other. From what I recall Italy got hit with the vicious version and the US got hit with a milder form (I think).

*  Everyone claimed that it was a natural disease while I pounded the table on this blog saying that it escaped from a research lab in China.

*  Europe is going thru a crazy serious round 2 of this thing.

*  Apparently no one is quite sure where this thing came from.  I recall talk of bats then patagonias but everyone was blaming wet markets in China.

Is this a game changer for this virus?

It's gone from animals, to humans, back to animals and NOW back to humans. Denmark just put 17 million animals to death (would have died anyway) because they're so freaked out.

The UK just banned all people from Denmark.

Apparently the US hasn't taken any action or the news media is so wrapped up in the election coverage that they haven't noticed (here in the US ... and that's the mainstream media).

Personally I'm sitting up in my chair on this one.  I'm not alarmed but I'm watching it.

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