Thursday, December 03, 2020

Army Chief says everything must die so that naval/air/space force can grow...

This generation of generals is going all in on a full blown war against China in the Pacific.

Let me remind you.

These are the same generals that have yet to conclude the conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan or Syria.  The same generals that have us inching toward being engulfed in the fighting in Libya and in parts of N. Africa.

The same generals that once talked about fighting in major urban areas was the future, that the F-35 would be able to clear the skies of all enemies etc...


Now they're predicting not only where the fight will be but what it will take to win.

My confidence is not high.

They've gotten so much wrong, lurched from one concept to another that confidence in their judgement MUST be doubted.

Long story short?

They don't have a clue.  They're guessing with regard to everything. The reality is stark and a bit stunning.  We're in the "interwar period" between WW1 and WW2, just in the modern era. I'm sure some idea that is being batted around right now will be the one that decides the future but the tech is just too immature at this time to know for sure (at least from an open source perspective).

The one thing that has me spinning?

They're betting so hard on a fight against China that it makes me wonder if we won't start one now before they grow so large they can't be contained.  If we do it on our timetable I'm guessing they think we might have a chance despite our manufacturing disadvantage.  Wouldn't that be a historic kick in the pants. We become the aggressor in order to "safeguard" the future! 

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