Monday, December 28, 2020


Translated from Polish by Google

BMT-72 on the training ground during shooting. The BMT-72 is a prototype of a modified T-72A / T-72B tank with an extended hull, thanks to which it was possible to make space between the turret and the propulsion compartment for a compartment for five landing troops. 

Kinda makes sense.

We've seen tracked IFVs explode to MBT type weight, so why not simply make tanks into IFVs?  I'm sure its not a comfortable ride but just like carrying concealed, it's suppose to be comforting, not comfortable and I'm sure the heavy armor of a MBT is more comforting if you're being deposited on the objective which is the original idea of IFVs in the first place.

*Remember the old adage?  APCs drop off infantry short of the objective to carry out the assault on foot while IFVs drop them at the objective hence they have/need more firepower?  I wonder if that's changed now. 

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