Friday, December 18, 2020

Considering Marine Corps Heresy. Would we be better off with the Army?


I'm about to hit you with a bit of Marine Corps heresy.  Would we be better off tucked underneath the Dept of the Army rather than the Navy?

Wait!  Hear me out before you do as I've done and dismissed it out of hand! Let's consider some of the benefits.

Airborne training for all, not just officers or a select few.

Could you imagine every swinging dick and ovary (that volunteered for it...and required for placement in certain units) being able to attend airborne school? That's the situation in the Army but quite foreign for the Marine Corps.  We could have the option of inserting Company Landing teams at long distance by parachute onto islands instead of requiring a spot for either the landing of MV-22/CH-53s or having to fast rope in.

From my chair we're drifting toward a missile firing, naval infantry role rather than Marines.  I don't like that future but if we stick to it then wouldn't it be enhanced if every Marine were allowed to go to Ranger School?

Instead of just naval infantry we could have a company of Coastal Rangers assigned to whatever they call the "new" MEU.

Hell we could even bump it up a bit and take the European style Coastal Rangers to its ultimate form and make the new Marine Corps Coast Defense Force and put it on steroids.

Regardless being put underneath the Army banner would allow our entire force to get this valuable training instead of (again) a select few.

More missiles, more artillery, more of what we say we need now!

For better or worse this move toward this Missile Marine Corps is being still born.  This concept which was SUPPOSED to guarantee Marine Corps relevancy is being usurped by Big Army doing its part to ensure deterrence by investing in the same capabilities which was supposed to be unique to the Marine Corps.

Just by looking at the Army's budget sheet its obvious that the 25th ID's capabilities ALONE will rival the entire Marine Corps' efforts in the Pacific.  If it happens as I expect and the 2nd ID is also oriented away from N. Korea and a bit more towards a fight with China then the US Army will have two entire divisions set to fight in what was supposed to be our main effort.

If another division is tasked with operations in the Pacific then we will be also rans.  But I digress.  Back on task.

What will we have to give up?

Marine Air.

We might have to give up Marine Air but I have to ask a serious question.

Would it be worth it?

I'm beginning to think so.

I was and continue to be a HUGE SUPPORTER of the Marine Air Ground Task Force.  I think its the most effective combat unit on the face of the planet. The problem is that its being tossed away.

As things stand now would it make sense for Marine Air to go away and to simply expand Navy Air?

Considering the mission sets envisioned for the future I think so.  The Marine Corps is attempting to tailor unique mission sets for Marine Air but at the end of the day it will be just a minor contributor to the air/sea battle and will be no where to be found when it comes to supporting Marines on the ground.

If its just an add on to what the Navy is already doing then why have it?

This is a quick and dirty but you get the idea.

What I thought was unthinkable has suddenly become VERY thinkable!

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