Friday, December 25, 2020

Fauci admits to LYING about Covid-19 herd immunity threshold to manipulate public support for vaccine, moves goal post to 90%

 via RT

But the doctor's changing story on herd immunity is only the latest in a series of Covid-19 flip-flops, including 180-degree shifts on such core issues as whether members of the general public should wear masks and whether children should be sent back to school.

Just as his tone on herd immunity changed, his view on prospects for a return to normalcy shifted dramatically. A few days before the November 3 presidential election, he echoed Biden's gloomy Covid-19 outlook and implied that the Democrat challenger would deal with the crisis more seriously than President Donald Trump. After the election, he turned far more optimistic.

“This is not the first time that Fauci has admitted to deceiving the public for utilitarian purposes in regard to coronavirus,” journalist Ari Hoffman tweeted. Another observer agreed, pointing out Fauci's flip-flop on masks. “The fact that people still listen to these experts is the most worrying thing,” he said.

Setting expectations for getting economic activity back to normal is virtually impossible without realistic projections for the vaccination rate that would provide herd immunity. Dr. Moncef Slaoui, chief scientific adviser for the Trump administration's vaccine rollout, said in late November that “true herd immunity” would take place without about 70 percent of Americans being inoculated, which might be achieved by sometime in May 2021.


Pride goeth before the fall.

This dudes halo will be smashed before all this is said and done.  I hope he's enjoying the fame now cause the public will turn on him like demons once the assessment of this mess is carried out.

It might be historians that do it but he will not go down as a hero.

That's my opinion.  What's yours?e

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