Friday, December 18, 2020

French Army forces at exercise...

I look at the motorized/mech forces of the French Army and I see my vision of the USMC of past.  Scalable, Agile, Lethal...Strategically and Tactically mobile and able to strike from the sea.

Why we're throwing that away for the monstrosity that Berger is building is beyond me.

But one thing is certain.

All the promises made about it keeping us relevant is a LIE!

The Army, Air Force and even our partners in the Navy are building equivalent capability that will render this drastic altering of our force structure moot.

The Army is fielding ship killing missiles and I'm certain that the 25th ID will be tailored to killing the ships in the Pacific and even perhaps seizing ground after being transported by Navy ships and being dropped from USAF aircraft.  Even worse?  They'll have a much larger arsenal of artillery of ALL TYPES than the USMC.

The USAF is already developing plans to use alternate airfields and is beginning to dabble in austere basing of aircraft.

That ship building plan?  Those light amphibious warships?  Expect it to get gobbled up by the Navy's new Frigate especially since the LCS is such a bust.

I know they labored hard but the facts are the facts.  Berger produced a steaming pile of hot garbage. 

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