Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Quick hit. Does it make sense to give the vaccine to healthcare workers first?

 Quick and dirty ya'll.

Does it make sense to give this rushed vaccine to healthcare workers first?  I mean a LITTLE risk management says that you want the backbone of the nation's medical field up and on their feet if this thing goes sideways right?

If the worst case scenario occurs and this thing gives some type of unforeseen side affects that are long term, deadly, debilitating or all of the above then we could see ourselves in a bigger pickle than we are now.

Additionally everyone forgets one simple thing.

Do you remember when Trump first announced this "Warp Speed" initiative?  What did we hear?  Basically the news media was saying that it was being rushed and was only so he could get re-elected, all kinds of officials on the left said that they wouldn't take a rushed vaccine and that we needed to (paraphrasing) do this thing by the numbers and to expect the virus to linger into 2022.


Now all is well and we should roll up our sleeves and get injected.  Simply amazing!

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